“Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.”

Site surveyors will have to compete against the price of an existing survey market value

The ACR survey platform will encourage home owners and investors to support the platform. Survey owners will be incentivized to sell their current or past property surveys on the Acreage Marketplace.

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Our Features

"Digitizing site surveys on the blockchain."


Acreage transactions run on the ERC-20 chain as well as industry best practices for blockchain staking.


Our goal is to be widely used in the real estate site survey sector, which will benefit buyers and sellers from the current archaic practices of the industry.


The Acreage Decentralized Marketplace will allow for the buying and selling of property surveys between parties seamlessly.

Quick Transactions

Acreage is scalable, fast, secure with reliable transactions.

24/7 Support

The ACR coin team will encourage and guide other investors interested in creating their own platforms to sell surveys through.

ACR Profits

The exchange of ACR coins will create a value that surveyors must compete against if a buyer wants to decide between hiring a surveyor or purchasing an older survey.

Instant Exchanged

ACR will benefit customers as surveys will not need to be reordered since they have been uploaded to the marketplace.

Acreage Team

The development team of Acreage coin consists of experienced blockchain developers, management and advisors. Acreage development has years of experience working with blockchain technology and platform creation.

ACR CEO and Investor

Community Lead Manager and Operations

ACR VP relations and R&D expert

Communications and CMO

Acreage Wallets

Acreage provides wallets for Windows, MAC and Linux users as well as mobile wallets with android and iOS interfaces.

Acreage wallets allow ACR holders to send and receive as well as generate rewards by locking 5000 ACR in their wallet. The wallets can be downloaded from our website or github repository and we will provide a guide on how to configure it.

Acreage masternode wallets contribute to network security by confirming blocks of transactions as they are added to the official blockchain, this maintains the complete ledger of all ACR transactions.


Some valuable words from our loving and ever growing customers.

Latest News

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Acreage New Website Released!

We have entered into a business partnership with a professional team which is GGDevs for a better ACREAGE website.

Acreage Coin (ACR) is listed on Finexbox

Good news here! ACR is listed on Finexbox Exchange which has a trading volume of $10 MIL+

We are partnered up with Telecom inc

ACR (Acreage Coin) has partnered up with telecom inc. To provide affordable phone services to its users.


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Years of Experience in Programming


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